General Info and History

If you wish to get yourself a quality product at reasonable price, then is what you need right now! It is one of the largest and the most powerful retailer corporations not only in the United States, but in the world as well. Despite of the fact that the company was founded in 1962, it encompasses an impressive chain of warehouse stores and discount department stores nowadays. In addition, it is considered one of the most influential private employers in the whole world, since the number of people who work there is over two million of people.

The founder of this corporation is Sam Walton. He began his business career in 1940. Five years later he established fruitful relationships with Butler Brothers (a local retailer) that offered him to become an owner of one of their stores in Arkansas. Surprisingly, his business career proved to be extremely profitable and allowed him to open a new franchise in Bentonville, which was known under another name. This was his first step to business growth and success, which resulted in Walmart foundation.

These days the corporation has about 8500 department stores in more than fifteen countries across the globe, which are known under fifty-five diverse names such as Walmex in Mexico, Best Price in India, Asda in the Unlighted Kingdom and Seiyu in Japan. The company’s financial investments feature various results. Thus, they have proven to be highly successful in South America and the UK. At the same time, they were reported to be not that successful in South Korea and Germany. Nonetheless, this does not prevent from remaining one of the most reputable and popular retailer corporations, the products of which are in demand with people of all ages, social and economic statuses and backgrounds, religions etc.

Basic Principles and Purposes

The major objective set by Sam Walton more than forty years ago was to help people save money when opting for those products they needed. This remains one of the major purposes nowadays, which can help the company’s customers improve their way of life. That is why, they work really hard to reach this goal and keep operating with the highest level of respect, trustworthiness, integrity and dedication to their clients’ comfort. As a result, this is reflected in the level of customer satisfaction and loyalty as well. No wonder, Walmart remains a number one choice for millions of people worldwide.

Customer Base

AAs mentioned above millions of customers in different countries of the world consider the best and the most reputable corporation to purchase products from. It has been estimated that over 100 million people visit their stores each week. Sounds impressive, isn’t it? Walmart clients are attracted by high level of servicing and comfort, well-trained employees, low prices, various discount offers etc. In 2006 the corporation undertook special measures to expand their customer base in the US by means of announcing a convenient modification in their department stores. Thus, they changed the strategy by making it suitable for 6 basic demographic groups that reside on the US territory, including Hispanics, African-Americans, empty-nesters, rural residents, suburbanites and the affluent. Some time later, though, this conception has been somewhat modified categorizing residents into three groups, namely price-targeted affluents (people, who are quite wealthy, which makes them the company’s regular customers), brand aspirationals or clients who have lower incomes, which does not prevent them from shopping at stores and value-price purchasers (customers, who prefer low prices and cannot buy expensive products).

Employee Management

As far as Walmart is dedicated to meeting the needs of their customers, they pay special attention to employee management. Thus, they believe that only high-qualified people should work day and night for the benefit of their regular clients in order to come up to their expectations. No wonder, a lot of people tend to apply for a career at Walmart. The thing is that they are offered a number of benefits as well. These involve the following aspects: health and wellness advantages, financial offers etc. For example, all associates and members of their families get dental insurance, coverage for family members who are under 26 years old, financial help that allows them to buy over 2000 eligible medications at reduced cost, special Quit Tobacco and Maternity Programs, life and health insurance services, short- and long-term disability insurance programs etc. Financial benefits include associate discount cards, special stock purchase business plans, travel discounts, military differential pay and even paid vacations and holidays. As you see, it is really beneficial to become a Walmart associate. Discounts

The Walmart advertising slogan (which sounds like “Low prices, always”) reflects the purpose of the corporation. Furthermore, their customers appreciate the system of discounts they provide. They even have specialized discount stores, where you can purchase all products you currently need (including groceries and general merchandise) at reduced prices. The majority of these stores have a pharmacy, a portrait studio, a fast food department, a cell phone shop, a quick photo-processing outlet, a bank branch etc. These discount stores are customer-oriented and have a rich assortment of the following products on sale: family outfits, electronics, toys, beauty and health aids, jewelry, garden items, house furnishings, automobile products, hardware, sporting goods, pet supplies etc.

If you wish to make use of discounts, you are welcome to look for them on the web as well. Just visit the company’s official website or browse through other sites in order to get special coupon codes, which will allow you to purchase particular products, including school supplies, high-quality groceries, household things etc. Furthermore, the company offers special holiday discounts as well. Thus, you can buy your favorite items at Christmas or Valentine’s Day sales, for example. So, search for these discount offers on the web in order not to miss your chance to make use of them!

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