Best Buy Review

Best Buy General Info and History

Are you searching for quality electronics? If so, then why not use the services of Best Buy? It is one of the largest US consumer electronics retailers, which is said to account for about twenty percent of the country’s market.  However, it has a widespread chain of shops outside the country as well. Thus, this company operates in Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and China under different labels. All in all, the corporation includes over 1150 stores and about 100 automated express retail stores (also known as “Zoom Shops”) in American malls and airports. 

One of the most amazing facts associated with this company is that the Forbs Magazine has named them the “Company of the Year” in 2004 and included them into the top 10 of the most generous and reputable corporations in the US in 2005. One year later, Best Buy was recognized one of the most admired American companies (according to the Fortune Magazine).  No wonder, it is considered the leading retail store of electronics and cellular phones in the eastern part of the US among those that operate both online and offline.

The founder of the corporation is Richard M. Schulz, who opened an audio specialty shop known as Sound of Music in 1966. A year later two more shops under the same name were opened in Minneapolis and near the University of Minnesota. This business proved to be highly successful and the Sound of Music has generated tremendous sales by the end of the year. The company continued to flourish and was eventually given an improved corporate name – Best Buy Co., Inc.  In 1983 they have opened a new store in Burnsville, Minnesota, which differed greatly from other shops. It featured spacious selling area, a broad assortment of high-quality goods sold at reasonable prices, warehouse distribution, central service etc.  The assortment of their production was not limited to audio supplies anymore. They started selling videocassette recorders and other electronic appliances.  Nowadays, Best Buy is rightfully reported to be a billion-dollar corporation, the services and products of which attract millions of customers.

Best Buy Basic Principles and Purposes

The basic purpose of the company is to satisfy the growing needs of their customers. Therefore, they are committed to innovation and technological progress, which explains the company’s popularity not only in the US, but also in Europe, Mexico, China, Canada etc. The following world-famous brands help them generate billions of dollars each year: Best Buy, The Carphone Warehouse, Audiovisions, Pacific Sales, Best Buy Mobile, Magnolia Audio Video, Future Shop etc.

Best Buy is also seriously concerned with environmental issues. That is why protection of the environment is one of the main purposes of the company. In 2007 it was recognized by the Greenpeace movement as one of the largest companies that take care of ecological situation in the country. With regard to this, they tend to increase energy efficiency of their products and reduce the amount of consumer waste by using recyclable wrapping materials, packaging and easy and environmental-friendly electronic gears.

Best Buy Customer Base

It may seem quite surprising, but Best Buy is dedicated to satisfying their customers’ needs. Despite of the fact that they are initially associated with electronics, they still believe that it is technology that should serve their clients and people should not be concerned with any problems related to their products. With regard to this, they strive for meeting the requirements and needs of their devoted customers and try their best effort in order to come up to their expectations.  This is what helps them withstand tough competition, which has always been observed in this industry. They are sure that technological advancement sets new objectives for them and they are not afraid to promise high-quality servicing to their clients with regard to the latest innovations. So, you may be one hundred percent sure that everything they do is meant for people and their comfort. No wonder, Best Buy customers appreciate this a lot. 

Best Buy Employee Management

At present, over 180000 people work for Best Buy. They are dedicated to the company’s advancement and profitability and try to make everything possible to help the customers benefit from using the advantages of the world-famous brands. This is mainly done through numerous call centers, various retail locations, online offers, timely and affordable product shipping and delivery etc. Managers of the corporation, in their turn, appreciate such efforts and consider community partnership one of paramount aspects. That is why they invest substantial sums of money into the improvement of communities, where their employees work and live. If you wish to check what vacancies they have at the moment, visit the company’s official website to find that out. 

Best Buy Discounts

Best Buy shops tend to offer great reduction in prices for the benefit of their customers. This eventually helps them attract more clients and generate the expected revenue. Customers, in their turn, are pleased with the amount of discounts they are offered. Thus, they are always eager to make use of special Best Buy coupon codes that are available both on the web and offline. Those people, who manage to find them, get a perfect chance to purchase the desired electronics and household items from this reputable retailer at reasonable cost.

If you wish to get yourself these discount vouchers, then you are recommended to look for them at the official website of the company as well as at other sites, which provide these money-saving coupons and promo codes to all registered users. The only aspect you should bear in mind is that these coupons have expiration dates, so you will have to check whether they are valid or not before using them.

Apart from this, Best Buy offers a special rewards program that is available to each customer. Everything you should do is to make regular purchases in their stores and get your cash back each time you opt for their products. For example, you will get one point for every one dollar you spend on their products even before taxes will be applied. As soon as the amount of accumulated points will exceed 260, you will get five dollars back. There are also other Best Buy discount systems you may benefit from. They allow you to save big when making serious and expensive purchases. If this is exactly what you are looking for, then do not hesitate and start browsing through available websites right now!

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